Now Offering COVID-19 Antigen Testing and PCR Testing!

Click the link below or scan the QR Code.

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  • Be sure to fill out the online form completely for Covid-19 Antigen test or PCR test. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MISTAKE ON YOUR DOB AND SPELLING OF YOUR NAME NEED TO MATCH YOUR ID.
  • We don’t bill insurance for these tests. COST IS $60 PER PERSON for Antigen test and $175 PER PERSON for PCR test.
  • Cancellations must be submitted at least 6 hours prior to your appointment to get a refund.BRING VALID GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID
  • Please arrive no sooner than 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment time AND no later than 10 minutes after your appointment time.
  • Test results will be ready in approximately 30 minutes for antigen test and 45 min to 1 hour for PCR test.
  • For anyone who does not have a mobile number or device for registration, please call Prescryptive at 1-425-655-2300 or email to schedule an appointment.
  • If you have made appointments at multiple time slots for different family members on the same day, all members may come in together at the LATEST appointment time. Please do not come early as we cannot do testing until 5 to 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  • For Canadians, Put your street address in the address field and use WHATCOM as the COUNTY and 98248 as the ZIP CODE in the address section for registration as canadian zip codes are not accepted by the system.