About Us

Rx Mart Pharmacy is the best pharmacy in Bellingham WA. We are a full service pharmacy filling all your regular prescriptions just like other drug stores! But what makes us different is we offer premium customer service, unlike all the other drug marts out there. Stop by and talk to our pharmacist on duty and see the difference. Communicate with us anytime via e-mail, phone, fax, or in person - we'll accommodate you! We are fully equipped pharmacy in Bellingham, located at intersection of Ellis Street and Sunset drive with close proximity to peace health St. Joseph Hospital Bellingham. We offer free Medi-set, and a unique selection of high quality vitamins, supplements, and regular drug store items. We can help with affordable price - when third party insurance companies refuse to pay for a vacation supply of life saver medications for various medical conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol medications, stomach acid medications etc., we will be there for you.

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Trustworthy Communication

At Rx Mart Pharmacy, we want you to have a personal relationship with our medical team.

We allow you space and time to tell us what you’re going through and get your health care questions answered

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Empowering Solutions

We won’t just send you on your way with “doctors’ orders.” Instead, we’ll identify the best solution, and work with you to by lending a listening ear and incorporating your feedback.

We’ll assess your situation and do our best to provide sound guidance – without the confusing medical jargon.